Why is our Mieludo Coffee unique in the world?

Because it is a coffee of the highest quality, coming from our farms Dulcikafé (Dominican Republic), which is made through a method exclusive and patented worldwide: the Mieludo Method. Watch the video explanation of the Mieludo method by César Ros:

What sets us apart?

1. The harvest

It is done manually and goes through the plant until the grain is at its optimum moment of maturity. This harvesting quality is not getting with either of the other two methods used more often as is the use of machines or striping in which the fruit is picked without the point of maturity distinction of each grain.

2. The drying

Once the fruit pulp of the coffee has been removed, the grain is dried through a very different process than usual; while other producers dry it in about 48 hours in the sun, we dry the grain for more than 30 days in the shade on African beds. This method allows the natural coffee honey to penetrate the protective membranes and convey sweetness and unique fruity tones in Mieludo coffee.

3. The threshing

To make the Mieludo Coffee perfect we apply quality control during several moments of the process.

From the beginning of the harvest to the coffee in green, we subject a manual screening of each grain, one by one, eliminating the defectives: irregular, broken or presenting some kind of imperfection. We discard about 15% of the production.

That’s the only way you can get our coffee.

4. The roasted

Finally, before it is packaged, the coffee is lightly roasted to preserve as much as possible the properties acquired throughout the laborious and careful steps in which our Mieludo method consists.


Enjoy it with zero sugar!

During its production, we took advantage of the sweetness of the fruit of the coffee plant from the mucilage. Instead of dismissing it as it is done in the vast majority of coffees, at Café Crem we take advantage of it and so we get a sweet nuance and unique taste, and therefore there is no need to sweeten the coffee in the cup.

Our commitment to the world

From Café Crem we have always wanted to contribute in a small way to achieve a better and fairer world, and above all, by providing tools for the most disadvantaged to succeed and aim for a better future.

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With the Café Crem guarantee

Café Crem has focused all its efforts on research and to ensure the quality of your coffee. So, every time you can enjoy a 100% optimal coffee with a few spectacular qualities.

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